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Revenue Acceleration from Albacross

Introducing the Revenue Acceleration Platform that gives you an unparalleled power to capture companies’ demand and accelerate your revenue.

Identify anonymous website visitors

View and reach out to the companies that show high buying intent, but aren’t converting

Identify companies on your website
Track buying intent and activity
Proprietary “company and IP address” information
Segment your traffic
Filter traffic by firmographics and decision makers
400M GDPR compliant contact details
Contact key decision makers
Reach out from your CRM and marketing platforms
Over 100 integrations and counting
Automate your growth

Save time and boost efficiency by integrating Albacross into your existing platforms

How can we help you increase conversion?

Lead Generation

Convert anonymous visitors into qualified leads

Website Personalization

Personalize your website based on firmographics data

Account Based Marketing

Target high value accounts and influence decision-makers