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Email Tracking

We define an advertising sources of emails, web form submissions and send data to Google Analytics

Dynamic Email Tracking

Discover which marketing campaigns are driving leads and revenue.

We provides keyword-level attribution email tracking allowing you to optimize campaigns for ROMI
Static&Offline Email Tracking

With email labeling by source, you can track the customer journey across online and offline channels and make the most of every lead.

KPI Calculation

Calculation of CR, CPA, CPL, CAC, CPO, ROMI, LTV for decision-making on the basis of data

Google Analytics Intergation

Events, goals and other information are sent automatically. View all statistics in Google Analytics

Notification Reports

Notification settings for manual user report sending in Slack and Telegram

GTM Modules

Gallery of 1-click modules for expanding web analytics capabilities

Automatic Import Costs

Support of such advertising channels as Facebook Ads, Yandex Direct, Vkontakte

Sales Quality Module

Estimation efficiency of sales department and interaction with each client

How it works?

1. Search & Send Email
You assign each source a tracking e-mail that you save in your Alfa-Track account. Sources can be a billboard, a website, a business card, an article, an ad or something else.

Potential customers find and write to your company email, e.g.

2. Leads Find
All letters that sent to reach thanks to the standard of mail technology.

Alfa-Track analyze mailboxes, find leads and send all information (including information about the source) about the client to Google Analytics

3. Analysis
You can see all the reports on the leads in your account as well as in Google Analytics. Thanks to the integration it is possible to evaluate the effectiveness of all advertising sources, competently spend the marketing budget.

The service calculates such indicators as CR, CPA, CPL, CAC, CPO, ROI, LTV.