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Alinean Interactive Value Selling & ROI Selling Tools
Turn your spreadsheets into collaborative conversations.
Present powerful visuals, buyer specific insights and actionable data to communicate and quantify your value with ROI & TCO Calculators, interactive self-assessment and comparison tools.

Communicate Your Value
Create differentiated business value messaging and quantification
Empower marketers, sales reps and partners to quantify prospect challenges, benefits, ROI and TCO

Engage Prospects & Buyers
Launch interactive applications to guide hand-in-hand Discovery with prospects
Engage prospects and build credibility with customized value storytelling and business value analysis tools

Reduce Sales Cycles
Enable prospects to self-assess challenges, “do nothing” costs, and potential benefits from your solutions
Provide buyers with insights and relevant success stories to motivate change

Ensure your team can quantify and communicate your business value at every step of the buyer’s journey
Not only can you empower sales reps with tools to show buyers you understand their needs you can also demonstrate how you can bring value to their business, how you compare to competitors and then prove the ROI.