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Discover what people are asking about…
Get instant, raw search insights, direct from the minds of your customers

There are 3 billion Google searches every day, and 20% of those have never been seen before. They’re like a direct line to your customers’ thoughts…

Discover an untapped goldmine of content ideas

AnswerThePublic listens into autocomplete data from search engines like Google then quickly cranks out every useful phrase and question people are asking around your keyword.

With your content and our search listening tool, it’s easy to grow your business
Meet your customers exactly where they are

Create eerily relevant content that strikes a chord and drives more traffic, downloads, views and shares.

Keep your finger firmly on the pulse

Get updates when people talk about your keyword in new ways. Monitor trends and compare search behaviour over time.

Uncover hidden treasures

Discover unexpected insights and hidden niches that boost organic search and give your campaigns a winning edge.

Stop wasting time on gut-feel and guesswork

Fill your content calendar (fast) and say goodbye to writer’s block with endless content ideas based on meaningful keyword search.

Make solid business decisions: take fewer risks

Get front row seats to what people are Googling — in real time — and use search data to make bold business-building decisions.

Streamline your content production

Identify content ideas without manually having to sift through individual keywords. Save days and even weeks of time.