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Radically Smarter Merchandising

Apptus is the provider of eSales – a next generation online merchandising solution to convert shoppers into buyers.

eSales empowers merchandising teams to guide, advise and inspire customers to better shopping experiences. This leads to higher conversion, sales and ultimately, to reaching business goals.

eSales – simply built for eCommerce

We bring more than 15 years of experience of developing solutions for boosting eCommerce. eSales is highly automated, leveraging AI and machine learning to better understand and react to customer preferences and behavior.


We provide eSales – a leading online merchandising solution. It enables retailers to grow their online business faster, achieve higher ecommerce conversion and increase the average order value across markets. Our customers simply sell more and grow faster.


Apptus empowers online retailers to reach beyond personalisation, always recommending what is most relevant to customers. Backed by patented AI technology, our clients achieve better, more relevant customer experiences.

Operational efficiency

Our solution enables retailers to efficiently expand their digital business into new markets. Without changing product data, our AI instantly detects behavioural patterns and trends, providing instant, relevant and localised customer experiences.