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Claim your unfair advantage and sell with confidence

Sharp account intelligence, talking points and leads from the world’s most comprehensive library of B2B sources.

Sell more in less time

Save a week of time each month, with B2Brain

Prioritize Accounts better

Timely intels ensure that you reach out to prospects at the right time, and hit the right chord

Craft compelling messages

Personalize your message with Talking Points that connect the context of your prospect with your value proposition

Engage Prospects better

With your informed and thoughtful outreach, engage prospects better and open more accounts

Simple integration with all your platforms

No hopping between multiple tabs. Get the power of B2Brain right within your existing workflow

Preparing sales people for the day ahead

Updates on your target accounts, with usable insights into how it impacts them. Along with recommended leads & decision-makers, and contextual talking points.


Always informed

B2Brain AI Engine looks at worlds largest collection of B2B sources, including SEC, News, Press Releases, Account Websites,

Ever improving value

B2Brain continuously understands your business and needs. So each piece of intel, each talking point and each lead is better than the previous one to ensure you keep selling.

Intelligence with a purpose

Having the largest pool of sources is not enough. B2Brain can understand each piece of content, and what it means for you. It’s an intelligent feed of news