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Media Planning Software + Ad Sales Tools

Bionic gives you more transparency, accountability, and control of your advertising through award-winning, data-driven media investment management software for advertisers, advertising agencies, and ad sales teams.

For Advertisers

Bionic reveals the unvarnished truth about your global media investment performance.

For Agencies

Bionic centralizes, standardizes, and streamlines your media planning and buying.

For Ad Sales

Bionic helps you manage your RFPs and gets you into more media plans.

How might we bring more transparency, accountability, and control to advertising?

Bionic Advertising Systems is the only software company that is 100% dedicated to delivering the world’s best advertising media investment management systems.

Human creativity or computer efficiency?
With Bionic, you get both.

Some believe the future of advertising will be ruled by robots and algorithms. We disagree.

We believe in a future where human creativity is unleashed by automating the mundane tasks that consume most of our time and energy. Bionic will enable you to achieve super-human results through advanced workflow automation.

We believe this so strongly, it’s in our name: Bionic literally means enhancing human powers with technology.