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CDP & omnichannel marketing platform to boost customer engagement
Unify every customer interaction to deliver personalized, omnichannel experiences that increase customer engagement and lifetime value.

Understand BlueVenn CDP in 3 minutes.
Deliver personalized content to every customer, every time, across every touchpoint.

Unify all customer data into a 360-degree customer view.
Goodbye data silos. Use a Single Customer View to bring together and track all customer interactions to unlock better customer insights and effective omnichannel campaigns.

Get 24/7 access to the quality data marketers need to drive personalized, cross-channel journeys.
Improve data quality, campaign performance, and compliance with real-time data cleansing and enhancements.
Empower marketers to use data without IT help via a simple UI and customizable identity resolution rules.
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Orchestrate relevant 1:1 omnichannel campaigns at scale.
Deliver meaningful insights by leveraging drag-and-drop analytics, segmentation, and predictive tools, while personalizing customer touchpoints with an easy-to-use omnichannel journey builder.

Put data science into the hands of marketers with predictive analytics, segmentation, and attribution wizards.
Centralize decisions, workflows, and orchestration of all channels for omnichannel personalization.
Support cross-channel customer journeys through advanced marketing automation.
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Mitigate data privacy risks with compliance tools.
View customers’ omnichannel preferences, produce SARs with a click, and create a time-stamped audit trail to ensure compliance and accountability.

Unify your existing MarTech stack for data clarity.
Integrate with your tools, databases, and systems to gather data from every corner of your existing MarTech stack and build a complete view of your customers.

Increase revenue with triggered messaging.
Deliver customized content based on a customer’s shopping habits, journey choices, and characteristics with real-time marketing and personalization.

A Marketer’s Guide to Customer Data Platforms
Learn more about Customer Data Platforms (CDPs), how they differ from other database technologies, and how they specifically support your marketing strategy.

Match your omnichannel experience to your audience.
Our platform helps leading brands from diverse industries to forge a connection with customers through targeted messaging.

Retail & eCommerce
Deliver a tailored customer experience, both in-store and online.

Put an accurate face to your customer to craft an offer they can’t refuse.
Use purchase and behavioral history to predict and encourage conversions.
Media & Publishing
Optimize your data strategy to grow and monetize your audience.

Drive acquisition and retention by developing new data-driven products.
Create hyper-targeted audience segments to attract advertising revenue.
Leisure & Travel
Engage those looking to book trips with messages targeted to their interests.

Trigger effective omnichannel marketing campaigns, all from one tool.
Analyze the success of campaigns and create segments without IT assistance.
Create customized messages and automatic account alerts to improve customer retention.

Automate journeys to ensure customers are kept informed of account changes.
Engage customers with relevant product information and real-time updates.
Create a central data resource that all dealerships can access to craft targeted campaigns.

Ensure records are kept up-to-date and no customer falls through the cracks.
Create rich segments that tune into your customers’ true needs and desires.
Captivate subscribers with winning messages about campaigns they care about.

Track supporter interactions to ensure messaging is consistent and appropriate.
Reduce costs by testing response rates before committing to full campaigns.

Reliable products. Real results.
An omnichannel platform you can rely on.

Unlock the true value of your customer data with our CDP platform.
Get the features you need to build a comprehensive picture of your customer, and then use it to drive meaningful engagement.

Train-of-thought customer analytics

Insights at your fingertips with visual, drag & drop analytics
Cross-channel, multi-touch attribution analysis
Built-in RFV, lifetime value, and propensity analysis
Predictive modeling and machine learning

Out-of-the-box advanced modeling capabilities
Intuitive, wizard-driven interface
Real-life results refine and retrain predictive models
Multi-touch attribution modeling and measurement dashboards

Build unlimited dynamic customer segments
Pre-determined analytics and customizable RFV models
Drag-and-drop interface promotes understanding
Omnichannel campaigns

Cross-channel marketing automation and journey execution
APIs and connectors integrate inbound and outbound channels
Decisions for all engagement channels centralized
Multi-step, multi-wave campaigns and reporting

Data loading and ETL

Connect to unlimited data sources (real-time or batch)
Cleanse, de-duplicate, and enhance ingested data
Alerts to monitor data load status and quality
Sync unified data with other critical marketing systems
Identity resolution

Algorithms match identifiers from disconnected systems
Choose from 50+ customizable identity resolution rules
Connect seamlessly with identity graph suppliers
Single Customer View

One persistent, centralized database
Golden records of each click, open, transaction, behavior
Store and govern multichannel preferences centrally
Data compliance

Generate subject access requests with one click
Time-stamped audit trail of data changes
Ensure accountability and compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and more

Super-charge your customer engagement capabilities.
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