Bright Edge


Bright Edge is an industry leader in enterprise content performance. It’s a SaaS technology search engine optimization platform that lets you drive traffic, revenue, and conversions from organic search. Most businesses love the search engine optimization recommendations offered by Bright Edge. Some of the salient features of the system include ContentIQ, Search Opportunity Forecasting, Content Optimizer, Trended Share of Voice, Blended Rank, and more. The software’s Data Club will let you uncover your competitor’s content marketing strategies to help you develop superior content and attract more targeted visitors to your web page. Ease of use and the broad application of the software are some of the pros of it.

The BrightEdge SEO and Content Marketing Platform utilises Artificial Intelligence to improve website performance by connecting the power of content with SEO. Designed to empower marketers and instil confidence in website developers, it transforms online content into traffic, conversions, and revenue while engaging customers to elevate their online experience.
BrightEdge SEO Software saves time and money by using artificial intelligence to do all the heavy work. Key features include Traffic Search Tools, Content Marketing Strategies, Social Media Campaigns, and Mobile Micro-Moments to make sure your business stands out on mobile searches.

Driving the Convergence of SEO and Content Marketing
BrightEdge uses AI to power organic search performance

BrightEdge Insights, your AI-powered personal data analyst
BrightEdge Insights uses deep learning and big data to recommend the critical actions that will drive the biggest impact for your business.

Improve your website with confidence. BrightEdge Insights is your personal data analyst that recommends opportunities to pursue and errors to fix, while highlighting what’s been successful and what competitors are doing.
SEO made easy
Insights gives you the confidence that you are focusing on the things that will drive the biggest impact today. Insights prioritizes all of the actions in one simple feed, placing the most critical actions at the top.

Time saver
Instead of spending time on data extraction, manipulation, and syntheses, you will get back hours each week by taking recommended actions from Insights that yield quick wins in SEO.

Smart at scale
With artificial intelligence, Insights does the heavy lifting to uncover the most relevant actions you should take. Insights looks at millions of web pages, examines thousands of changes each week, and boils them down to a few key findings that will move the needle for you.