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Out Of The Box Web Analytics
Canecto’s Automatic Web Analytics Reports tell you exactly what to change on your site to get more business.

So you can do what you do best, and that is probably not Web Analytics.
Get started in less than 60 seconds

Don’t Learn Web Analytics
You don’t have to learn the complexity of web analytics.

If you’ve ever tried to get an accurate picture of how visitors REALLY behave when they visit your website, you’ll know that website analytics are incredibly complicated and at best leave you with a mass of data to analyze, interpret and act on.

Don’t Ever Guess Again
You don’t have to guess how to improve your site.

Canecto software tells you exactly which improvement options on your site that has the best potential to take your site to the next level.

Don’t Waste Your Time
You don’t have to spend time gathering data.

Canecto provides you with Growth Reports on your site’s core areas, giving you streamlined marketing reports. So you don’t have to spend time using yet another new marketing tool.

Canecto is the smart web analytics report that identifies your best improvement options
Delivered to you in an a beautifully designed and easy to understand PDF report
Web Analytics Out of the Box

Set up Concrete Goals
You set up your online business goals. Like getting more sales, customers downloading a PDF or submitting forms.

Learned User Behaviour
Canecto then learns how your users interact with your site and scans for the best ways to reach your goals.

Get Improvement Suggestions
Canecto then tells you what your best improvement options are in your Growth Report.

Implement Changes
Implement the recommendations that will bring you closer to your goals