Optimize and track all of your marketing details with ClickGum. This amazing program will provide reporting and analytics tools for every level of your online business. You can get all of this information in one place so as to increase profits and control traffic.

Some of the many excellent features for ClickGum include events and click tracking and monitoring, traffic control, media buyers, and affiliate marketers. You can also double your ROI from the traffic that you now are receiving. In addition, you will be able to increase affiliate payouts, improve your landing pages, and rotate your traffic across URLs.

Control Traffic, Increase Profits.

Track clicks, conversions, and ROI from all your online marketing.
Great for Affiliates, Advertisers, Publishers, and Developers.
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Click Tracking Software For Everyone!
Monitor, Compare and Optimize all your marketing links in one place to increase the conversion rate.
Click Tracking and Sales Tracking Software
Track Clicks, Leads & Sales
Monitor different traffic sources & focus on the right one.
Track Affiliate Traffic Clock Affiliate Links
Cloak & Track Affiliate Links
Secure your hard-earned commissions. Stop relying on network reports.
PPC ads tracking
Track Pay Per Click Ads
Organize your Media campaigns. Protect your offer from fraud clicks.
Track And Optimize All Your Marketing with ClickGum
Amazing analytic & reporting tools for all levels.
track and optimize your marketing
All in one place1
Control Traffic, Increase Profits.

Click & Events Tracking: Track every click, every lead & sale in your funnel.

Traffic Control: Easily choose the geo-location, The device they are using, set max clicks, rotate between links. filter fraud clicks. Repeated clicks, set an expiration date.

Affiliate Marketers: Integrate ClickGum with Major Affiliate Networks.

Media Buyers: Centralize and consolidate all your PPC campaigns and ads.
Optimize Marketing2
Triple your ROI from the same traffic.

Improve Your Landing Pages: Split your traffic across multiple landing pages, and easily establish which ones convert better. Systematically improve your conversion rates & ROI.

Increase Affiliate Payout: Which affiliate network does a better job at tracking sales? Which affiliate network give you a higher payout? Split test the same product among two or more networks to discover the truth.

Rotate Traffic Across URLs: Want to distribute traffic across multiple partner URLs or affiliate offers? You can easily use our A/B split testing feature or our advanced URL rotator modes.
Optimize Online Marketing
Export Tracking Reports
Best Traffic Reports3
Export reports & visualize traffic.

ClickGum shows you where your conversions and revenue are coming from so that you can spend more time on marketing that works, and stop wasting money on poorly converting traffic.

Multiple Reporting Files: Export customized .CSV report of Clicks, Sales, Actions, Engagements & Location. Or Split testing reports, Costume Variables report.. and much more!

Segments & metrics: Reports comes detailed information about each click, Showing: Timestamp, IP, ISP, Browser, OS, Device Type, Destination URL, Referrer, Location, Language.