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Support & Service
Allow customers to text or message your contact center
Create remote assistants for employees by connecting all knowledge bases
Reduce costs with AI-powered answers for complex natural language questions
Assist team with AI-powered answer recommendations so they can provide better and faster service

Growth & Onboarding

Increase new user acquisition by enabling messaging communication within direct response campaigns
Easily onboard new users by allowing them to ask any questions they might have in natural language
Improve conversion by allowing users to continue conversations at their own pace and schedule
Conversational Workflows

Increase conversion of complex multi-step workflows such as service scheduling, lead qualification or product recommendation by enabling conversations
Optimize each step of the workflow with automated A/B testing
Accelerate digital transformation with no-code creation and editing of workflows

How Does Colabo Work?

Bots are amazing at computation – they can retrieve data and process fact-based options finding the best possible result. Humans are great at understanding emotions and at reading between the lines.

Colabo routes your consumers’ requests according to customizable business policies that trigger various automated workflows allowing a seamless omnichannel experience.

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