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Automate Digital Marketing with AI-Powered Data Navigation
Digital marketing workflow automation with recommended actions that enable ecommerce, B2B, and agency marketers to quickly and positively impact profitability.

How Would Your Workday Change If…
You had a single source of digital truth.

No more data wrangling! Cross-platform data from your ecommerce, marketing, and sales platforms connected, synchronized, and stored in an integrated time-series data model. Shopify, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, Bing, Marketo, Salesforce, HubSpot, Slate, and more.

Data Unification »
You could get answers in seconds.

See ‘what’ and ‘why’ easily using an architecture built for full interactivity, intelligent drill paths, and dashboards that explicitly guide you. Monitor KPIs against goals, predict revenue, diagnose poor performance, and optimize campaigns at granular levels quickly, all in one system.

Data Navigation »

Get time back in your day.

Data wrangling is slow and error prone. Ad platforms are biased.
Eliminate hours spent trying to wrangle data, with conDati Digital Marketing Workflow Automation.

Continuously Improve Performance
conDati’s SaaS data navigation system provides marketing and ecommerce leaders and specialists with always-current KPIs, workflow automation and recommended actions to improve effectiveness and ROI, measure value, and increase productivity.


to make campaign and spend decisions in minutes vs. hours


to measure budgetary ROI and show impact to the bottom line


to make data-driven decisions without data science expertise