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Any experienced marketer will tell you…
Profiting consistently from your subscriber lists is harder than ever…
And profiting from Facebook™ Ads can be even harder.
Subscribers are getting bombarded by emails these days. This makes it harder and harder to get them to open yours, much less click on them.

Even if they do open and click on your mails, research show that buyers need seven exposures to an offer before purchasing. That means sending more mails, which only further compounds the problem of declining open rates!

Studies also show that tracking your subscribers’ behavior with your emails can increase sales dramatically. But that requires subscriptions, expensive software, data-tracking/analysis and other capabilities that most marketers or business owners simply can’t afford.

Fact: Even though many marketers manage to build good subscriber lists, most have a tough time profiting from them!
Getting subscribers is only half the battle – and it’s the easy half.
Making consistent profits from your subscribers is the other half.

You need to market effectively, by segmenting your lists based on preferences, behaviours and responsiveness.

Which isn’t as easy as it sounds … so a lot of marketers don’t bother, and just blast out email after email to their entire list, which will:

Make people unsubscribe faster than you can replace them

Lead to spam complaints

Drastically decrease your overall email delivery, so fewer subscribers even GET your marketing messages

The Result?

Marketers complain that their email delivery rates are shrinking.

Blame it on their autoresponder service.

Look for alternatives … and companies are more than happy to offer them a “new email service”, promising to be better than the last …

The Solution Is NOT What Everyone Else Is Chasing
Believing a new autoresponder service will magically solve every email marketing problem is wishful thinking.

Because the main issue is unfocused marketing: blasting out untargeted messages day after day. That still lands people in the spam box and racks up the unsubscribes.

Until the marketing method changes, no autoresponder on the planet is going to improve delivery and profits over the long term.

There’s A Smarter … And MUCH Easier Way:
It’s been proven that coordinating your email lists with other types of targeted marketing works far better than just emailing alone.

Retargeting is a method that’s been used with great success by marketers in all niches.
All by itself, it’s a powerful conversion boosting tool:

Here are some quick facts about re-targeting:
People who are re-targeted with display ads are 70% more likely to convert to a sale.

The average click-through rate is 10x higher on average than standard display ads (0.7% VS 0.07%).

According to ComScore, re-targeting ads account for a 1046% increase in branded search (a clear sign of higher brand awareness).

According to AdRoll, re-targeting earns an average of $10 for every $1 spent!

And if you thought that just plain re-targeting from your website traffic was effective, wait until you see what you can do with email re-targeting.

Because it really does take things to the next level!