CrossxPost – Share your Content in one click
No more tiresome copy pasting. We help bloggers and Solopreneurs to share their content to social platforms from one place.Why we built CrossxPost?

Crafting an engaging piece of content is time consuming. Sharing that same content to different social media accounts is harder. As a blogger or a content marketer you need to post your articles on different social platforms and this is a time consuming and repetitive job

Increasing Social Platforms
As we all know, Communities and Social Platforms are keep Increasing everyday. It’s important to engage with our audience to grow.

Time > Money
Sharing your Content to several social platforms manually can eat your time. It’s a tedious and repetitive job that can be automated. By doing so, you can focus on your Important tasks.

Engagement ~ Growth
More Engagement means more growth. you’re missing out a major benefit if you’re not sharing your content to social platforms. it can be a game changer for your business.