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EvoMarketplace is a Montreal-based online marketing technology firm that specializes in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing
The problem

In today’s fast-paced world of instant gratification, formerly traditional marketing channels, such as print media and TV ads, have become outdated. Their costly nature and lack of precise audience-targeting capabilities amount to far from optimal results.

Our solution

Let’s take advantage of the growing popularity and profitability of online marketing. With our Affiliate Marketing Network, businesses are able to analyze the data collected on internet-users, which allows them to precisely target their potential consumers, on a large scale, at a much lower cost.

The outcome

Affiliate marketing is performance-based marketing; businesses only pay when results are generated, which is smart and cost-effective. And online marketers are rewarded for each visitor or customer gained by their own marketing efforts, which is enticing and gratifying. The result being; all parties are better off!