Enterprise-grade email at a startup pace!
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Take control with Automation flows
Send a conditional follow up message
Raise a CRM event
Segment customers based on actions
Powerful and friendly Email Marketing
Email editor
Campaign reporting
A/B split testing
Assisted IP warming
Transactional messages
Use the best editor in the industry to send receipts, password resets and custom notifications.

Your marketing team designs templates, your developers send us triggers, we merge and send!

Email Editor
The most advanced and easiest email editor in the industry.

Make your customers feel special with personalized offers. We make it easy for you to send highly targeted messages.

Email Compatibility
Give your readers the best experience on any device. Receive higher engagement with responsive layouts out of the box.

If you can’t measure, you can’t manage and drive success.

Bring your ROI up with our comprehensive reporting. With data at your fingertips, goals are easy to achieve.


Easily target very specific segments based on complex rules. You can create segmentation rules with no technical knowledge in just a few clicks.

AMP Email
Our email composer provides a full AMP Email capabilities. Improve your audience experience by providing an interactive experience.

Marketing campaigns, trasactional messages and conditional triggers will perform dynamic segmentation and send notifications while you sleep!