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The easiest way to analyse  TikTok influencers
The world’s first platform for analysing TikTok influencers of any niche. Allowing you to find the best influencers for your campaigns, using the most detailed analytics
We run analysis on over 200 different data points to create metrics that make sense. Using these metrics it is easy to identify rising stars and start working with them as they are growing. Our unique metric calculations use machine learning and artificial intelligence to generate accurate insights.
We make it easy to track the progress of a hashtag, music or account allowing you to monitor their performance. Making it really easy to spot trends and see what is working for you on Tik Tok.
Search & Filter
Our platform allows you to quickly search through a database of Tik Tok influencers. Combining a mixture of text search and metrics filters. Using these filters it is super easy to find the perfect influencers for your marketing campaigns.

Fanbytes Search was created as a tool to easily discover the right influencers for marketing campaigns. It has been used in action for over 100 different live campaigns to date. We are excited to see how the wider marketing/social community can use this to enhance what they do on Tik Tok.