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Optimize for SEO

Your all-in-one SEO platform for social, content analytics, influencers and reporting platform that enables digital agencies and brand marketers to make better-informed, data-driven optimization decisions for ultimate discoverability.

Identify Influencers & Audience

Identify and manage your content and social influencers by SEO keywords, topics and competitors with our Influencer Marketing Module.

Track Content Everywhere

Gather engagement, influencer and conversion analytics for all your on-site and off-site content with our innovative smart URL system – kontextURLs.

Monitor Competitors

Track your competitors’ digital marketing activity including SEO analytics, backlinks, social metrics, influencers and more.

Activate Data & Reporting

Customize data from any source to capture the insight you need with Data Beacons. Create role or client-focused dashboards to identify trends. Fully white-label automated SEO Reporting.

Illuminate the Dark Funnel

Your prospects are engaging with brand content off your website. Your traditional sales funnel has devolved to a Dark Funnel. Learn how you can regain valuable engagement metrics.

SEO and Content Optimization Platform
At gShift, we make life easier for digital marketers to connect with their audience.

The customer journey has changed.

Smart brands and agencies are adapting new SEO, social and content marketing strategies to join their customer conversations. Gain complete insight into the data and monitor on-site, off-site and competitive content performance to make better-informed​ decisions.

Track your prospects through hyper-level analytics, with visibility into the engagement of your content both on-site and off-site, by channel, by content type and/or by influencer.

gShift activates web presence data to drive decisions for ultimate discoverability in the search engines and social media.