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Global brands use geo targeting to increase conversions

Geo Targetly helps maximize website conversions by geo targeting your audience. Easily deploy location based website redirects, links, content, popups & more.

Redirect your audience to location specific pages.

A must have set of tools for any multi-location or multi-lingual business incorporating location specific pages or website variants.

Show visitors only location relevant content.

Have landing pages with an audience from multiple geolocations? Maximize conversions by showing location relevant content.

Use geolocation data for advanced customization.

Get visitor geolocation data such as country, state & city directly in your website. Carry out advanced customization such as form auto filling with location data, map centering & more.

Advanced location segmentation.

Geo target visitors by including or excluding countries, states, cities, latitude-longitude-radius zones & IP addresses.

Country, state, city, radius & IP targeting

Inclusion & exclusion rules

Enterprise IP geolocation accuracy

Flexible rule management.

Easily add multiple rules to target various geolocation segments. Edit, delete, copy and disable rules without touching any code.

Create multiple location segments

No code changes required

Simple, easy to use dashboard

Easy one-time JavaScript code integration.

Integrate the Geo Targetly with your website using our one-time install JavaScript code snippet.

Simple JavaScript snippet integration

Works with any HTML website

Does not slow down website