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Get Ambassador Is The First All-Inclusive Marketing Software is the world’s first and only referral marketing software powered by word-of-mouth. Through the use of just one integrated platform, users can run different campaigns such as referral and affiliate marketing, influencer marketing as well as partner and advocate marketing programs. Through superior analytics, users can easily track results of each campaign and reap the rewards. is able to track the top influencers of your company or brand while also allowing you to have a hand in revenue sharing and lead generation. Most importantly, the partner portal allows any agency or reseller to directly stay in touch with you.

Deliver the Best Referral Program Experience
Streamline referrals from customers, affiliates, influencers, and partners with our word-of-mouth marketing technology

Referral Marketing Made Easy
Creating a powerful referral strategy has never been simpler

Referral Marketing
Empower your customers to share your products and services with their friends, generating more of your best customers, faster.

Affiliate Marketing
Give access to a turnkey platform that provides all the necessary links, content, payouts, and statistics your affiliates need.

Partner Marketing
Easily engage with and manage your influencers with personalized share links, marketing assets, and detailed analytics.

Influencer Marketing
Empower your customers to share your products and services with their friends, generating more of your best customers, faster.

All-in-One Referral Software
The referral platform powering the world’s best customer, affiliate, influencer, and partner experiences

All-in-One Referral Software
Build and Scale Your Program
Simplify the manual intricacies of running a program with automated word-of-mouth marketing technology. Ambassador’s intuitive interface puts you in control to create and grow one – or multiple – programs.

Build and Scale Your Program
Cohesive Brand Experience
You’ve built a brand that your audience knows and loves, so it’s important to keep the experience consistent across all touch points. Custom, tailored, personalized, and white-labeled – let’s create a seamless experience together.

Your Success is Our Success
Our industry-leading Success Coaches have launched thousands of programs for companies spanning across industries, program types, and businesses. They’re here to help you optimize your referral efforts and maximize ROI every step of the way.

Optimize All Your Efforts
Analyze actionable performance data and get smarter with every program that runs on Ambassador’s powerful, yet easy-to-use, system. Understand what works best to continuously improve – and drive more sales.
Visibility From Start to Win
When you have complete visibility, you can do more with your marketing. From identifying and enrolling members into your programs to tracking activity and attribution, our powerful technology enables you to easily manage your programs and automate payouts all from one central place.