Get Cake


CAKE is a Software as a Service solution for online marketers that can help to bring clarity to your multi-channel marketing campaign, and give you the power and insights you need to make intelligent marketing decisions.

CAKE offers several services, including Journey for advertisers, CAKE for Networks to improve digital marketing, and CAKE for Lead Distribution, that helps to maximize your revenues from various potential lead sources. The Get Cake platform is used by hundreds of major brands worldwide and is a versatile but easy to use solution for online and multi-channel business owners looking for a sustainable way to grow their brand.

See Clearly
Manage, measure and optimize performance marketing in real-time.

Integrated Solutions to Grow with Your Business
CAKE’s powerful performance marketing software will bring clarity to your marketing campaigns and empower you with the insights to make intelligent marketing decisions.

Affiliate Marketing
Manage and measure partner performance with precision for improved profit margins.

Lead Generation
Collect, validate and distribute leads in real-time for maximum profitability.

MultiChannel Marketing
Measure channel performance using multitouch attribution, for ROAS optimization.

Boost Partner Performance with Precision
CAKE’s Affiliate Marketing Solution provides the tools needed to efficiently manage and measure your partner marketing program, optimize performance for the highest profitability and attract valuable partners.

Maximize Profitability with Intelligent Lead Routing
CAKE’s Lead Generation Solution captures, validates and distributes leads in real-time and measures closed-loop performance to optimize acquisition efforts.

Drive Digital Marketing Performance with Transparent Measurement
CAKE’s MultiChannel Marketing Solution measures digital campaign performance across all channels to provide a holistic view into cross-channel impact on the customer journey.