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Get Lasso – Manage All Your Affiliate Links in a WordPress Dashboard
Increase clicks and measure what’s working by managing your affiliate links with LASSO.

Manage all your affiliate links in one place
Going into each and every post to manually update links is a huge pain in the ass and extremely time-consuming. That probably means you won’t do it, even though you know it’ll make you money.

With LASSO you won’t have to do this manually anymore. It’ll build an inventory of all your affiliate links. And any changes you make will instantly update on every post and page.

LASSO will even scan your entire website and build an automatic database of existing links you can manage from one place.

You’ll save time and open up a bonanza of new revenue. You’d be crazy not to at least give it a try and see what you find!

Find new ways to earn more with your affiliate links
You’re probably sitting on a gold mine of unmonetized links! Why send free traffic through these links when you could be making money on them?

LASSO finds all these links and suggests ways you can monetize them with just a few clicks. And without going into each and every post.

In less than an hour you’ll significantly increase your revenue.

Add affiliate link display boxes to increase clicks
Getting visitors to click your affiliate links can be tough if they’re just regular in-text links. When visitors don’t know where the link will take them, they’re less likely to click, which will kill your click-through-rate (CTR).

LASSO can instantly display a beautiful link box (or a grid of boxes) that include the title, description, price, and multiple call-to-action (CTA) buttons.

This is proven to increase click confidence with your new visitors. And if you display Amazon affiliate links, all the data in the display boxes are updated every 24 hours automatically!

Track every link click to find out what’s making you the most money
Are visitors clicking your links and earning you money? If you know what’s going on with your links, you can make quick decisions that will increase revenue overnight!

LASSO sends click tracking data directly to Google Analytics so you can see which links are working or not.

Then, with LASSO, simply replace the ones that aren’t working with links that do. What gets managed, makes money!