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Marketing Strategy Made Easier with Ignitur

Ignitur offers a task management component that helps you set up your marketing campaigns, manage periodic tasks, and create marketing plans. With this tool, you don’t need to guess what your online marketing strategy should be. It provides you with step by step plans on what marketing tactics to follow so that your audience can find your website.

This is one of the most reliable tools when it comes to achieving high-efficiency with multiple web-marketing activities at minimum effort and low cost. With an automated report delivery system, Ignitur offers manual log entries, analytical data of your campaigns, and multiple recorded tasks.

Work smarter, faster, and easier with Ignitur Marketing Strategy and SEO Reporting Software. Built by marketers, for marketers, this innovative software suite is designed to increase productivity by placing all the data you need on one user-friendly, shareable dashboard.
Ignitur SEO Software includes three essential web marketing components: project management, analysis, and reports, to help you gather vital information at the click of a button. From your ‘Mission Control’ dashboard, you can access statistics in real-time, with multiple customization options for clutter-free data that you can understand. You can see all of your marketing efforts at a glance and make more informed SEO marketing decisions with this well-priced business software.

Online Marketers Work Smarter, Easier and Faster with Ignitur

Built by marketers and based on over a decade of experience, Ignitur is SEO reporting software solution that was created with one goal in mind: to increase productivity. Ignitur addresses the common pain-points most web marketers share through three important web marketing workflow components: analysis, project management, and a reporting engine.

Let Ignitur do the heavy lifting and gather all the data from multiple sources into one place. Your marketing dashboard software is your “mission control” and helps you gather the important data you need — fast!

Statistics, at Your Fingertips
In the Dashboard tab, the user is able to connect to many data sources and pull data by authorized access. This process is quick and simple! In addition, the Analyze tab is used to access customized analytical data for a quick account overview. In this part of the software, the information is made up of widgets that can be moved around, activated, or deactivated. The Dashboard tab is the “mission control center.” We have made it fully customizable so that data can be formatted suitable to the user’s needs.

Clutter-Free Data
The advantages of pulling the data from user-specific services and presenting it in one central location are obvious. Since all services are authorized for Ignitur, users do not need to log in and out of a dozen programs to get the data they need. The ability to see a bird’s eye view of all your marketing efforts helps you to be more efficient in making management decisions for all your accounts.

Customize Your View
The dashboard provides an at-a-glance overview of important stats for 30 days. You can turn widgets ON from the left sub-menu of the Analyze tab to make them visible on your dashboard. You can then share your customized dashboard view with everyone else. No need to log into the software. Your clients can simply bookmark your dashboard link to review it at any time.