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We help marketers drive growth with our AI-powered Growth Management Platform
Driving growth requires delivering consistent and personalized customer experiences across channels. From bridging the gaps between web, mobile web, app, messaging, email and advertising channels to delivering tailored customer experiences, our AI-powered Growth Management Platform helps marketers drive growth from Acquisition to Activation, Retention, and Revenue. Leverage real-time customer intelligence while driving conversions and lifetime value.

Cross-Channel Personalization
Deliver consistent experiences across web, mobile web, app, email, advertising and messaging channels.

Audience Segmentation
Build and target audiences based on past traits, behaviors, events, purchase data or predicted future behavior.

Unified Customer Database
Integrate your first party and third party data sources to get a 360 degree view of your customers.

Product Discovery
Guide your mobile web visitors to discover and buy more with AI-powered product discovery.
Discover Maven and InStory

Deliver contextualized recommendations with algorithms tailored for eCommerce, travel, media, aviation and more.

Discover Smart Recommender
Cross-Channel Journeys
Engage your customers across touchpoints throughout their buying journey with our AI-backed journey builder.

Create highly relevant website experiences for every visitor in real time
Act on ready-to-use micro segments based on AI-backed predictions, behavioral patterns, purchasing trends and much more to drive engagement and conversions. Welcome visitors with personalized layout and banners, deliver ‘always available’ notifications and much more.

Turn more clicks into conversions to drive value on mobile web
Deliver mobile-first experiences that are solely designed for the mobile web knowing your visitors’ discount affinity, likelihood of making a purchase and more. Guide mobile web visitors to discover and buy what they are looking for faster with AI-powered product discovery using Maven, InStory, Category Optimizer and more.