Instagram is hitting 2 billion users and with the scale of its growth, for many Marketers it is the focus of their marketing efforts.

Instavast is one the most comprehensive Instagram-centric tools on the market

Instavast in their own words

The Complete Suite of Instagram Marketing Tools
Automate your Like, Comment, Follow, Unfollow, Direct Message and Posting Activities on Instagram

Get More Followers & Engagement with Instagram Bot
Stay focused on your content and let automation grow your account.

Get Started in Minutes
Intuitive and easy to use Instagram Bot. Grab your free trial in seconds and enjoy new followers immediately.

Set your Growth on Autopilot
Forget about outreach. You create high-quality content, and we bring you the followers that you deserve.

Improve Results with Analytics
Get an in-depth report of your Instagram bot activities and discover which sources give you the most followers.

Instavast Instagram Bot Main Benefits

Full Automation
Automate all your interactions on Instagram using our Instagram bot. Instavast guarantees your engagement and exposure even when you’re sleeping.

Smart Targeting
Intelligent filters enable our Instagram bot to target relevant audiences to your niche. You get engaging Instagram followers that fit your purpose and desire.

Privacy and Safety
It’s a secret between us, nobody realizes that you are using our app. Also, we will never violate Instagram limits so your account is always safe.

Statistics and Analytics
You find a thorough report of your activity Statistics for each of your targets. This helps you realize targets efficiency and modify them.

Unlimited Accounts
We have no limits! You are able to add as many Instagram Accounts as you want, And you can manage all of them in one look at your dashboard.

No Download
Instavast lives in clouds so there is no need to download or install anything. Work with our app any time on any device.

How Instagram Bot Gets You Real Followers

It has happened to you that a stranger likes your post and you go to check that page out. The reason behind this behavior is curiosity. This curiosity is what Instavast relies on to get you real followers.

Automated Activity
We do liking, commenting and following activities on your behalf. Instavast does these activities at the greatest possible rate. So even when you are not online, you are promoting your Instagram account.

People receive notifications from you, and they check your page. Since you have a brilliant gallery, they will follow you. We give you ultimate exposure, and you gain the Instagram followers that you deserve.

Other Instagram Automation Tools
Automated Instagram DM
Send a Welcome DM to Each New Follower
Mass DM to All your Followers or a Custom List of Accounts
Different Message for Each Campaign
Up to 200 Auto DMs in One Day, Only $0.34
Best Way to Offer Special Discounts and Generate Leads
Custom Filters Like Gender to Narrow Down your Audience

Instagram Post Schedule
Unlimited Draft Uploads and Scheduled Posts
Schedule Removal of Sponsored Posts in Advance
Add Location and First Comment with Additional Hashtags
Post Photos and Videos on Instagram via Desktop
Automatically Add Watermark to Avoid Plagiarism
Like, Reply or Delete Comments Straight from your Post

Instagram Comment Manager
Have All your Instagram Comments in One Look
Read and Reply to Comments on any Device
Monitor Comments and Delete Inappropriate Ones
Easily Organize and Never Lose an Important Comment
Categorize your Comments as Important or Resolved
Browse the History of All Incoming Comments and Replies

Buy Instagram Likes/Video Views
Likes and Views Come from Real Users
Effective Catalyst for Young Accounts
More Chance to Reach Top Posts of Hashtags and Locations
Maintain a High Engagement Rate and Utilize Social Proof
Buy Likes for Future Posts and Guarantee your exposure
Ability to Choose the Source Country of Likes or Views

Free Tools and Apps For Instagram Marketing
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Instagram Banned Hashtags
Instagram Username to ID Converter
Instagram Downloader
Instavast Local Proxy

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