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An Ultra Secure Project & Document Management System

Utilizing state of the art Blockchain technology to secure and manage your data and document process

Audit Management, Utilizing Blockchain Technology

Because Blockchain is tamper resistant, it is highly effective in preventing the counterfeiting of documents and document fraud. Intellidocs delivers a comprehensive, tamper proof audit trail with powerful report building capabiltiies.

Subcontractor Management

Subcontractors can upload programs and be monitored in real time against project deliverables. All documents can be uploaded for review and acceptance.

Task Management

Streamline workflows, improve and optimize the review and approval of tasks and documents within projects.

Comprehensive Project and Document Management

Benefit through data rich project analysis, understand deliverables and receive instant notifcations on issues to mitigate delays.

Audit Management

Blockchain technology will prevent any document from being forged, tampered with or corrupted.

Workflow Processes

Standardize, improve and optimize the review and approval of tasks and documents.

Digital Signature

Every document uploaded will be reviewed and signed by an authorized individual.

Ultra Secure Documents

Utilizing the latest advancements in Blockchain and cryptography.