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The Magic

Patented technology that automatically generates and manages millions of optimized product descriptions — for retailers, brands and agencies.

The Power

Introducing Marquee™ — personalized landing pages automatically written to appeal to your target consumer and accelerate the impact of Product Listing Ads.

The Channel

Landing pages automatically formatted for wherever consumers shop — mobile, web, tablet and in-store.

Linguastat is a privately held company. Linguastat’s extraordinarily scalable technology was originally developed for military intelligence and converted for the business-to-consumer and business-to-business markets.

Retailers, brands, agencies and digital media publishers rely on Linguastat’s patented, algorithm-based suite of services to manage their product descriptions and other rich content for the web, mobile and tablet channels.

Linguastat solves some of the biggest problems major retailers and brands face: poor SEO resulting from duplicated product descriptions, outdated product landing pages, shopping cart abandonment, and the prohibitive cost and time factor associated with manually written descriptions.

Linguastat’s magic is its unmatched ability to automatically transform data into millions of optimized, monetized product descriptions and stories for omni-channel advertising.