Linkio is a link building planning and monitoring tool that helps performing keyword research, but also tracks the evolution in the SERPs of specific web pages and monitors backlinks. Its most powerful feature is the anchor text analysis that allows internet marketers to choose the right type of anchor text for creating a natural-looking link profile. Its relevance checker tool take into consideration the URL of the backlink and the page title, in order to assess how relevant it is. Available in four pricing plans, this platform offers a free seven days trial that doesn’t need a credit card and can be canceled at any time.

You. The Guts To Build Links.
Us. The Right Anchor Text Suggestions To Help You Succeed.

Transform your Link Building Campaigns with Linkio Link Building Software. A valuable addition to any SEO Toolkit, it tells you exactly how many backlinks you need, what anchor text to use, and how to run a successful link building campaign using information based on competitor data.
Created by an SEO expert, Linkio uses insightful data to help you make better decisions when it comes to choosing your anchor text. A fully automated system, it is remarkably easy to use, and with plans starting at just $49.00 per month, it is an affordable SEO tool for website owners and agencies alike. Linkio checks your existing backlinks and suggests new ones to keep your data fresh. It is easy to use and instils confidence in backlink building.

Add Confidence to Your Link Building Campaigns
Know how many backlinks you need and what anchor text to use.
100% based on competitor data!
Have you ever had the rankings for a site you manage go down and you weren’t sure why?
It happens all the time: you run a link building campaign, gets some good results, but then wake up the next morning and rankings are down…and continue to go down…

Panic begins to set in, as you realize you’ll need to inform your client. And then more panic piles on, as you realize you don’t fully understand what caused the penalty or how to prevent the same bad results.

Our experience and research has shown that often anchor text over-optimization is a culprit. Understandably so because when SEOs run link building campaigns, they are typically guessing at what anchor text to use next.

And sometimes that leads to an angry (and soon-to-be-former) client who just lost half their traffic.

Linkio can change that.

Always choose the right anchor text
Linkio is like the love child of Ahrefs and an SEO expert. It is designed to give SEOs the right anchor text to build next, by using insightful data to help you make better-informed decisions. It’s flexible, automated and remarkably easy to use.

You wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint; and you shouldn’t run a link building campaign without an anchor text roadmap. When you plan a campaign based on data, you increase your chances of success – and client retention.

How we do it
Linkio makes it easy to know what anchor text to build next by analyzing all your existing backlink data. It takes just seconds to go from analysis to having an anchor text profile plan that you can feel confident with.

We go the extra mile to make the usability surprisingly pleasant:

You can (optionally) sync Linkio with your Ahrefs account, to automate backlink imports and keep the data fresh
You can easily set the target anchor text percentages you want based on our presets, competitor data or your preferences
Linkio checks the existing backlinks of your page to categorize the anchor text and to suggest which links should matter
And then voila! You get a list of anchors that should be built next…and much more!