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Real people.
Real tasks.
Unreal websites!
User testing should be easy. With Loop11’s intuitive online platform – it is.

Uncover product changing insights
Set real-world tasks and measure the success of your product against real customer intent. Design your own tasks and questions and focus on the details that matter to you.

You can collect insights from hundreds of users, or just a few: the choice is yours.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes
Record video and audio of your users, so you see and hear their exact experience with your product.

Loop11 allows for moderated and unmoderated user testing.

Test on any device. Mobile, desktop or tablet
You need to understand your customer’s experience wherever they use your product. Loop11 makes it easy to test on different devices so you capture the full user experience.

Create and launch studies in minutes
No code required!
Loop11 puts the focus on your research rather than study logistics. Test prototypes, live websites and competitors without the need to add code to the product.

More than just user testing
As a UX professional you need to run a range of studies. Loop11 covers:

Competitive Benchmarking
A / B Testing
Accessibility Testing
Search Engine Findability Studies
Mobile & Tablet Testing
User Testing
True Intent Studies
Information Architecture Testing

We’re the usability testing platform of choice for some of the world’s most successful companies