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Engage customers, maximise lifetime value and drive referrals

Our all-in-one platform provides the tools and expertise to turn your customer base into an engine for growth.

Award-winning marketing software

Put happy customers at the core of your marketing strategy to increase new customer acquisition, retention and advocacy.

Mention Me Refer

Create brand advocates and increase new customer acquisition by as much as 30%

Incentivise, reward and track customer recommendations
Capture referrals with 16 sharing methods, including name and WhatsApp
A/B test and optimise every element of your customer journey
Mention Me Retain

Build a base of lifetime customers who shop often, spend more and feel brand affinity

Tailor customer journeys based on in-depth data, including NPS and A/B testing insights
Serve highly targeted messages to drive desired actions, like buying again or giving feedback
Manage every element of your programme and performance in our reporting dashboard