Monitor Backlinks


Monitor Backlinks – For marketers, entrepreneurs, and SEO pros, the Monitor Backlinks Tool will help you stand out against the competition. Designed to help you grow your traffic, this intuitive software will help you build great links, monitor your brand, create business relationships with influencers, recover valuable lost links, and track how your keywords are ranking on Google.
With Monitor Backlinks, you will have the ability to reverse engineer competitor backlink strategies and turn them to your advantage. You can protect against negative SEO by blocking any spammy backlinks and disavowing bad links with a single click. Saving you time and money, this Backlink and Keyword Monitoring Tool will simplify your working day by placing all the data you need on one clean, fresh, user-friendly interface.

The best monitoring tool for backlinks and keywords, period.
Check the good and bad backlinks for you and the competition.
A must have tool for SEOs, marketers, and entrepreneurs!

Monitor Backlinks Will Help You
Build Great Links
Growing traffic to your site depends on building great links. Know the relevant, high-quality sites that you can contact for outreach and link building.

Monitor Your Brand and Create Relationships with Influencers
Stay updated when you get new links pointing to your site. Know what’s happening with your brand, and reach out to develop relationships with high authority sites.

Recover Valuable Lost Links
You work so hard to gain links with ads and guest posting. What if one of these sites removes your link? Monitor Backlinks will let you know instantly.

Track Keyword Rankings Over Time (Local Pack Included)
Know how you’re ranking on Google for valuable keywords. See the changes over time and how they’re affected by your backlink changes.

Reverse Engineer Competitors’ Keyword and Backlink Strategies
See your competitors keywords and backlinks and use it to reverse engineer their strategies.

Fight Negative SEO By Efficiently Disavowing Bad Links
Negative SEO (competitors attacking your site’s SEO by sending spammy backlinks) is real. Defend against it quickly and effectively with our disavow tool.

Simplify – Manage All Your Backlink Data In One Place
Get out of the spreadsheets and simplify your workflow. You can import from all major sources like Moz, Ahrefs, Majestic, and Google Webmaster Tools.