Motion App


Find creative wins faster without digging through Ads Manager

“Discovering the right creative direction is so easy with Motion. In a couple clicks, I learned top-of-funnel images were outperforming videos by over 40%.”

Finally a report the creative team can action on
No more media library black holes. Get to the source of truth and help your team identify what converts ideal clients faster.

Digestible visuals
Creatives need to be spending time creating, not trying to decipher rows of data or constantly being in meetings.

Real-time data
Allow your designers and videographers to watch trends as they happen so there’s no lag time with new content.

Your new “what’s working” section

Pre-built top ads report
Motion showcases your top performing creatives in a visual report without any setup. Simply connect your Ad account to start!

Customizable metrics
Sync your Ads Manager reporting setup or customize your columns directly within Motion.

Real use cases
Answer virtually any question about paid ads. Here are some of our favorites.

Comparing how different offers perform ➞

Finding the best landing page paths ➞

Testing if model eye contact is better ➞

Discovering what products resonate best on paid ➞

“Motion is a wonderful app that makes things easier to understand, not more complex as so many other tools do. We use it to understand quickly what works where and why.”