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Musefind – Influencer Marketing Made Accessible For Everyone

Grow Your Business By Collaborating With Influencers. Contact Influencers, Get Featured & Reach More Customers!

Find and Talk to Real Influencers

Contact 23,000+ influencers from 8 topics (e.g. lifestyle, mom, tech, etc) with real likes, followers, and collaborations.

Say Hi With Confidence

We provide 5 templates you can use with any influencer to start off on the right foot, for any occasion.

Reach Your Consumers

We’ve helped businesses reach over 150,000,000 NEW CONSUMERS through our platform.


Deliver simplicity combined with success to the world of influencer marketing.

MuseFind helps you to keep all your influencer marketing in one place: no more need in spreadsheets, no more unsatisfied posts – use our email integration and content approval features to organize your day-to-day routine and improve your ROI.

The Platform allows companies of all sizes to seamlessly activate influencer marketing. Easy setup and integration into your everyday workflow. Supported by our self-learning resource, the Influencer Marketing Academy.