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Create marketing experiences your customers love

Accelerate your customer revenue with Ometria’s smart ESP.

The smart ESP for retailers

Ometria gives marketers the ability to create personalized experiences throughout the customer journey.

Customer profiles
Ometria’s in-built customer data platform brings together data from all touchpoints to build a unified profile of each shopper.

Customer intelligence
Ometria’s AI-based intelligence and orchestration layer – The Co-Marketer – continually provides real-time predictive insight, and evaluates and optimises the revenue generated by the retention marketing strategy.

Cross-channel marketing
Ometria’s marketing platform enables you to create personalized marketing experiences across relevant channels and touchpoints.
Retail forever

We believe the best customer experiences are made with tools that are purpose-built for the job. With Ometria, you’ll get:

Focused innovation

We build solutions that make retail marketers’ lives easier and their customer experiences better.

Expertise at every touchpoint

We pride ourselves in knowing the retail landscape inside out.

Specialist AI

We’ve spent years developing algorithms trained to understand and predict shoppers’ tastes and behaviour.