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Advanced Email Marketing for Amazon SES
Enterprise Level Features. Start-Up Speed.
10,000 Emails Free Every Month. No Credit Card Required.
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The most powerful solution for Amazon SES email marketing.
All the tools you need to succeed. At the best price.
Fits All Your Needs
Send newsletters, transactional, email workflows, design beautiful emails, and analyze advanced reports.
Get More For Less
Amazon SES and AWS infrastructure is highly scalable and ultra affordable — so you can cut your email marketing cost to a fraction.
Boost Deliverability
We combine powers with Amazon SES to ensure that your emails get to where they belong. In your customers’ inbox.
World Class Support
Maximize your marketing performance and ROI with the help of our Deliverability Experts and Customer Success Team.
Connect Seamlessly
Already use AWS SES? It takes just seconds to connect. Not an SES customer? No worry, and no hassle.
Secure Your Data
Your data is hosted in Europe and adhering to the world’s highest data protection standards and requirements.

10,000 Emails Free Every Month. Forever.
Enterprise Level Features.
Start-Up Speed.