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Component-based, always-on creative enables you to use existing content to easily assemble relevant and responsive ads.

Amplifying social media marketing across the open web has never been easier.

Reduce waste and reach in-market customers in brand-safe environments with our extensive real-time data including Context, Place of Work, Demographic, & Purchase Intent.

Deliver useful content in the right place at the right moment to drive engagement and conversion.

We’re all about growth

PowerLinks is the advertising industry’s leading relevance automation platform. Our technology powers the growth of some the world’s largest brands by distributing personally and contextually relevant advertising to their audiences.

PowerLinks provides real-time creative automation to deliver always-on personalized messaging through dynamic and visually attractive ads. Our global marketplace spans the content web, allowing marketers to reach over a billion consumers and more than 400,000 sites and apps.

PowerLinks’ real-time buying capabilities also enable marketers to continuously optimize the performance of their campaigns and drive growth across all major display and native ad suppliers, including Google, ShareThrough, TripleLift and more than 50 others.