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Data Orchestration
RevOps Automation
Technology Consolidation
The RingLead Platform orchestrates Salesforce and Marketing Automation processes like managing duplicates, data normalization, segmentation, enrichment, routing, and much more. Go To Market intelligently by empowering all of your systems with GTM-ready data.


Accelerate RevOps
Consolidate your TechStack by eliminating the need for multiple point solutions & expensive IT consultants. Automate & scale RevOps within one easy-to-use, code-free, customizable platform.

Cleanse, Dedupe, Standardize, Enrich, Segment and Route all your Customer Data.
Dedupe Leads, Contacts, Accounts & Custom Objects
Flexible Matching Rules and Surviving Record Rules
Cross Object Deduplication & Lead to Contact Conversion
Normalize Data into Standard Formats
Create Sales & Marketing Segments (Job Role, Territory, etc.)
Match Leads-to-Accounts
Seamless Bi-Directional Sync Between Salesforce and Marketo, Eloqua, Hubspot and other Popular MAPs
Create Lead & Account Propensity Scoring Model
Remove Duplicates & Bad Data from Salesforce for Good!

Powerful data optimization workflow processes at all points-of-entry to enforce data governance and fast lead follow-up.
As-You-Type Data Orchestration
Event Trigger & Webhook Data Operations
Out-of-the-box Integrations between Salesforce, MAPs, & 40+ Data Vendors
Real-time Multi-Vendor Data Enrichment
List Import: Orchestrate, Dedupe, & Assign List Uploads in a Single Step
Real-Time Normalization & Lead-to-Account Matching
Automatically Assign Inbound Lead Types to specific Salesforce Tasks & Campaigns
Prevent Bad Data from Ever Entering Salesforce for Good!

Create custom enrichment workflows and integrations with any data vendor(s)
Batch & Real-Time Data Enrichment
Multi-Source enrichment selection (waterfall enrichment)
Reformat and Enrich data within one tool… and never in Excel
Automatically segment enriched data into different Buyer Personas
Real-Time Enrichment of Webforms, List Imports and Triggers
Append & Validate Missing Website URLs and Emails
Increase Marketable Database Size
Accelerate Revenue Growth with Optimized Salesforce Data

Automate Territory Management, Assignment Rules, & Round-Robins
Route Leads, Contacts, Accounts, & Opportunities
Merge & Normalize Records before assignment
Round-Robin & Account-Based Routing
Complex Routing Workflows & Cross-Object Routing
Speed-to-Lead without long enrichment wait steps
Graphical Drag & Drop & Rules-Based FlowChart Builder
Task Alerts & Activity Reporting
Powerful Lead Routing Features without Overwhelming Complexity in a Simple, Easy-to-Use UI

Bad Data wreaks havoc on your marketing and sales operations, wasting time and money, and more importantly, how your brand communicates with its prospects and customers. Realize the impact bad data has on your organization with RingLead’s free data quality analysis report module. There is no catch, the report module is completely free and use it as many times as you’d like!

Data Quality Management Platform

Benefits of Using RingLead Data Quality Management Platform for Customer Data Orchestration & RevOps Automation
RingLead’s suite of Data Orchestration tools, offer a direct solution to many B2B & B2C problems & priorities. Every role is empowered, including sales & marketing executives, demand gen leaders, IT, along with sales & marketing operations.

Accurate Campaign Reporting
Increase Marketable Database size
Create highly targeted email & CRM list segments
Increase Sales and Marketing Funnel Conversion Rates and MQLs
Eliminate Manual & Difficult Data Tasks to Improve Operational Efficiencies
Foundation for Account Based Marketing Enablement & Personalized Selling
Easily route leads to the right reps and territories
Identify and Enhance Buyer Personas
Enforce Regulatory Compliance, CCPA & GDPR
Database Migration and Consolidation
Increase Email Deliverability, Server Reputation and Campaign Performance
Decrease MarTech costs by consolidating platforms and removing duplicates & bad data