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Identify, track and qualify your leads with Salespanel
Lead generation and sales intelligence for businesses.

Salespanel helps you identify, track and qualify leads and use lead data to run marketing automation systems and create tailored customer experiences.

Salespanel creates a central hub for your business to monitor marketing performance and aggregate all inbound leads and automatically move them through different stages of the buying process before pushing MQLs to sales. Bring your sales and marketing together with Salespanel.

Predictive lead generation
One-stop solution for lead generation, tracking and qualification. Use data enrichment to qualify your leads. Use sales intelligence to filter ideal customers. Bring all lead sessions at one place from marketing campaigns. Capture and analyse leads with Salespanel.

Lead Management System
Manage your leads as they journey through your sales cycle. Save time and close more. Score them based on your criteria. Create segments and filters to refine your leads. Sync leads and their source+activity data with CRM for your sales representatives to help them personlize the sales messages.