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About Santa Cruz Software

Santa Cruz Software is a leader in Web-To-Publish turnkey Software as service portals (hosted or on-premise) and core technologies that are integrated into digital asset management (DAM) applications (Brandfolder, Intelligence Bank, WebDAM, or Widen), eCommerce stores, and other third party solutions. Our customers plan, execute, and distribute cross-media marketing collateral and campaigns globally, as well as, create personalizable consumer products.

Our solutions help our customers close the gap between corporate marketing and local marketing and sales by putting professional designs AND corporate brand management guidelines into the hands of their local teams, partners, and customers and empower them to make their own local decisions.

Why Choose Santa Cruz Software?
Over 200 websites have been using our core technology for over 5 years with millions of jobs processed
Multi-tenant, cloud-based SaaS architecture (Hosted or On-Premise)
Architected for high performance, scalablity, and privacy
Integrates with almost any web site using simple web services APIs
Integrated with popular DAMs (Brandfolder, Intelligence Bank, WebDAM, and Widen)
Integrated with Marketing Automation solutions, such as IBM Silverpop and MailChimp
End user customization using an easy-to-use web application running in a web browser
Supports multi-channel workflows (email, print, social)
No proprietary tools to learn … Designers use the same tools they use today.
Designed for international use and localization