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Web Content Management System (CMS) – Powerful, user friendly, web content manager software puts web site management in the hands of the people you rely on to create and update website content.  Easy to use.  Easy to install.  Easy to extend.

Why Savvy Content Manager Software

We believe Savvy CM Professional™ represents the best value available today in web based content manager software, including open source software.

You found us on the web.  You may have been searching for content manager tools, or you may have received promotional information from us, or perhaps you have come to our website by accident.  Most likely you’re here because you recognize that having the ability to update your website is important.  And, you have probably come to know this through a slow, frustrating, and expensive process.

The following attributes are important considerations, when selecting the right content manager software for your website.

Ease of Use: The most powerful CMS tool in the world will fail if the content owners charged with updating the web site are intimidated by the complexity of the tool’s interface.

Make sure non-technical people are included when reviewing CMS software to ensure that it will work for everyone in your organization.  Put Savvy Content Manager up against any other WCM tool available, and you will see Savvy Content Manager is the easiest CMS tool for your day-to-day content contributors.