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Scanova QR Code Solutions
The best businesses use Scanova for better customer engagement and operations using branded QR Codes

QR Code Generation and Management Tools

Create, design, manage, and track QR Codes for print media marketing campaigns

Generate custom-designed QR Codes in large number

Generate static QR Codes over web in your own system (via REST API)

Generate high volume static QR Codes over web in your own system (locally)

QR Code Ticket Generation

Create custom event tickets and authorize guests with smartphone via one-time scannable tickets

Dynamic QR Codess
Edit QR Code content anytime — even after printing

Customize QR Code Design
Add brand colors, patterns, and logo to QR Code design

Targeted Content
Share text, images, videos, PDF, and audio content linked to QR Code

Custom Landing Pages
Create and link custom mobile landing pages without a developer

Track Scans
Get exact number of scans by date, geography, and device

Get High Accuracy Data
Get exact GPS location of scanning device

High Resolution QR Codes
Export QR Code images in PNG, JPG, SVG, EPS, PS, and PDF

Lead Generation
Get contact information of scanning audience