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Keyword Magic Tool
Research a database of 20 billion keywords to find new ranking opportunities in just a few clicks.

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Analyze Each Keyword Deeply
All the metrics are updated on demand, so you won’t miss even the slightest change in the SERPs.

Search Volume
The average number of monthly searches of a particular keyword over 12 months. Estimate the keyword’s value and benefit for your rankings.

The level of interest in a search query over 12 months. See how often a keyword has been Googled over the last year.

Cost Per Click
The average price for a user’s click on an ad. See potential prices for your planned PPC campaign.

Keyword Difficulty
The most accurate estimation based on a wide range of parameters, including keyword intent, available SERP features, and the analysis of your top-ranking rivals’ backlinks.

SERP Features
The number of rich snippets that appear for a particular query. Learn if your website can acquire a SERP feature for a keyword you are targeting.

Top Competitors
The domains that occupy the top search engine results for a particular search term. You can see who is listed on the first page.

Do Your Research With One of the Largest Databases on the Market
Enjoy the global and local research possibilities, automated grouping, search volume calculations, and the most accurate keyword difficulty estimations. Build your own filters and customize keyword lists.

Cluster Your Keywords
Expand Your Keyword Lists
Look at the related keywords to spot less competitive long-tails with high click potential.

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Save All Your Keywords in One Place

Generate New Content Ideas
Find the terms that are perfectly tailored to the user intent.

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Uncover the Potential of Specific Topic Clusters
Pick keywords from automatically created groups and subgroups. Analyze the average search volume of each group.

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Export your selected keywords to other Semrush tools
Continue your keyword magic and make the most of the keywords chosen. Track your success in Google and create paid campaigns.

Save, Manage, and Export Your Masterlists
Export your keywords to other Semrush tools. Make the most out of your keywords. Customize your keyword lists using advanced filters and export them to other Semrush tools or .CSV and .XLS.

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