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Our APIs dedupe, internally link and add fresh content to match your site to your users’ needs.
Users can’t discover your listings because your site’s pages don’t talk in the way your users do when they search. Our APIs are easy to integrate and ensure every page is a great answer to something real users need.

Clean up your search pages deduplicates and removes pages without demand: pages that don’t answer real users needs. Find out how to optimise site structure. optimises your site structure and content so that search engine users who don’t know that they’re going to buy from you can find what they’re looking for. Find out what your site is missing.

Catalogue normalisation and enrichment tells you what product content will bring in the people looking for your items. We translate your products into the words used by customers to find them. Make creating product content effortless.

What makes us different?
Clean and organise around demand
Deduplicate, remove low demand pages and reprioritise around pages which more users find valuable. More wood behind fewer arrows.

Create user-centric content
Understand what content users love, create it at scale, then structure it around topics and entities to make it easier for search engines to find.

Optimise search site-wide
Keyword research and product labelling is painstaking, labour-intensive and essential for on-site search and SEO, but it doesn’t scale. Until now.