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Siteimprove Performance

Siteimprove Performance


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A faster website that meets visitor expectations and industry standards
A fast website is a must: Most visitors become impatient after two seconds of load time. Siteimprove Performance helps optimise your website’s load time with user-centric audits, easy-to-understand visualisations, and clear explanations, so you can deliver the best visitor experience.


Understand how visitors experience your site to boost its performance
Your pages won’t perform the same way for all visitors: the device they use or their location both dramatically impact load time. With Visitor Profiles and Visitor Loading Experience & Performance you get powerful visualisations of how loading experience changes depending on location, network, and device.


Identify optimisation opportunities for faster load time
Not all performance issues have the same impact on page speed. The number of elements and the visitor’s proximity to your web server both have a high impact on your page load time. Thanks to Session Replay Video you can see how different elements of a page load for your visitors. With the Asset Location Map you can see where those elements are located so you can bring them closer to your visitors, so they load faster.


Benchmark performance and act with certainty to improve it
With Siteimprove Performance, you can see how your site is performing compared to industry standards with Google’s Lighthouse Performance scores. With the progress graph, you can monitor performance gaps and improvements over time. Once you know where you stand, Actionable & Shareable Recommendations organised by task owner and difficulty level help you communicate or delegate improvements to teams or agencies, so you can unify everyone behind a single goal.