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Social Tables
Safer events, no stress.

Create virtual venue tours. Setup contactless seating & check-in.

Get the collaborative solutions your event business needs to grow.
Event Planning (Free!)

Stay organized with professional event management software.

Diagrams & Seating

Save time on setup and catering with smart 3D diagrams.

Event Sales Software

Capture and close more qualified leads with interactive content.

Sales & Catering CRM

Maximize group sales insights with the first affordable CRM

Streamline operations & deliver unforgettable experiences.

Improve communication with real-time collaboration, commenting, and file storage.

Make design a competitive advantage with industry-leading 3D diagramming.

Perfect service with visual seating charts and simple meal management.

Drive qualified leads and boost direct revenue.
Where you can use Slido
Remote meetings

Give everyone on your remote team a chance to participate, no matter where they are.

Virtual events

Make your online participants part of the event with interactive Q&A and live polls.

All-hands meetings

Run effective Q&A sessions and engage your team during all-company meetings.


Start a two-way conversation with your employees and run more interactive meetings.


Increase audience interaction in your Q&A sessions, panel discussions or fireside chats.


Maximize the learning of your students with live polls, quizzes and interactive Q&A.

Works with your favorite tools

Don’t change your existing workflow. Add Slido to your presentation or video conferencing tool and interact from the place you know best.

About us

Slido is an easy to use Q&A and polling platform. It helps people to get the most out of meetings and events by bridging the gap between speakers and their audiences.

From internal communications professionals to trainers, team leaders, conference organizers and individual presenters, Slido is used by anyone looking to enable open conversation at a live meeting, whether in-person or virtual.
Generate more leads from your website instantly with interactive content.

Use lead scoring focus on the most qualified leads, and free up time for what matters.

Build stronger relationships and manage bookings seamlessly with a full-service CRM.