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Remote Collaboration through the Workflow Orchestration of Data and Digital Assets.

Why use TACTIC Products?
The Southpaw platform delivers end-to-end visibility into information and data assets as they are used and transformed throughout entire jobs and complex workflows. Once deployed, it offers a complete integrated ecosystem. Our customers always have a bird’s eye view and can drill down to any level at any time in the life cycle of any type of information asset.
Workflow and Decision Engine
The only platform with an end-to-end workflow engine: Handles ferociously complex workflows with millions of assets using multiple data types, data models, and terminologies.

Project Digital Asset Management
No information asset can be lost. Our platform always knows the location, history, and state of every asset. Customers see workflows, troubleshoot jobs, quickly audit assets, and take team orchestration to the next level. Support any compliance requirements with detailed accountability of each asset and all interdependencies.

Southpaw Technology
Southpaw Technology is the maintainer and primary developer of TACTIC Open Source. We know TACTIC better than anyone and if your Open Source deployment has become a critical technology in your organization, it may be time to enlist our sevices. We do offer professional services to support the development, deployment and maintenance of your custom solution. Please contact us so we can help you in understanding exactly what the TACTIC software can do for your organization.
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