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Social Media Management on Rails

Promoting your business has never been so simple

What is Swift?

Swift is really smart when it comes to social media and helps you…

Engage with super-hot leads

Everyday, receive a fresh batch of people from all social networks, who are ready to become your followers and customers

Discover amazing content

Browse the best content from across all of social media and the web to keep your audience engaged and to attract new fans

Smart schedule

Automatically post at the best times, on the right networks to reach the right people. Swift even fills your schedule for you. Just approve and go!

Promote your products on social

Create your very own landing page in 60 seconds to sell your product or service, whilst building your mailing list or growing your following

Find the content that matters to you

Save time spending hours trawling through blogs and articles that your audience might like and let Swift discover content for you. Search and favourite the best content creators from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more, and start sharing with ease.