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Consumer intelligence for the
world’s most impactful brands.
Profit from the formidable potential of real-time consumer data.

Your customer has already changed. So should you.
Consumers are more demanding, more urgent, and more unpredictable. Creating billions of new signals every second. Our AI-powered platform ingests billions of customer signals every second to form the most live and complete picture of your customer. Speeding up the time it takes to identify any change and adapt to it. Giving brands precious time back to fine tune strategies and make valuable business decisions.


Be customer intelligent

Analyze customer and consumer data from any source in one place, at scale, in real time. Quickly uncover critical customer themes and capture unseen business opportunities using our proprietary AI-engine, machine learning and NLP tools.

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real-time market intelligence

Fast-track innovation

Take advantage of real-time market intelligence by tuning into the world’s largest focus group. Be the first to pinpoint emerging industry trends and insights to empower innovation strategies, accelerate innovation process and maximize business impact

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Get deep social listening at scale

Get access to the fastest growing global dataset which covers over 187 languages. Monitor every customer signal across text, video, image, audio. Never miss a critical conversation about your brand.

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Trusted by 2500 of the world’s most impactful brands

They’re people, not data points.
Stop the guesswork.
To deliver customer-centric strategies, brands must first understand where their customer has been to predict where they’re going. Talkwalker’s AI-enabled platform combines any external and internal data source from a customer’s journey in order to plan effective strategies for their tomorrow.

Get business value after 1 week.
With Talkwalker Activate Consultants across the globe, we’re here to get you operational fast and help your teams leverage the power of our platform. From onboarding to continued support and training, our team will help speed up data democratization, accelerate time to value, and increase ROI from consumer intelligence.

Recognized as the industry leader in consumer intelligence.