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Influencer Marketing

Content that inspires. Content that actually sells.

Longtail content, maximized by influence, optimized for engagement.

Get metrics that matter and align with your goals. Attract new customers, increase repeat purchases, drive customer loyalty, and maximize customer lifetime revenue. The perfect addition to your marketing stack.

Content should be a dynamic and appreciating asset.

The integrated asset manager makes repurposing and distributing influencer content easier than ever.

Influencer marketing. Powered by data, designed for convenience.


How do you find the right influencers? That’s the number one challenge marketers identify with influencer marketing. But it’s not just finding influencers, it’s finding the right influencers who also want to work for your brand.


What are the best practices for working with influencers? How do you work with influencers? How much do you pay influencers? All very good questions. Workflow was built with convenience in mind so you know exactly how to run an influencer marketing campaign from creative briefing, content creation, and promotion to payments. Even organize and manage all of your content made by creators.


What are the right influencer marketing KPIs? How do I measure success across multiple platforms? What are the right influencer marketing benchmarks? We got your back and can measure everything from reach, views, media value, to conversion and ROI. We’re marketers and we know how hard it is to prove marketing investment.


Finding the right influencers, creating content, and measuring success are only one part of the formula. Success can’t be had if your content isn’t getting out in front of the right people at the right time.